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Hacked By YunusIncredibl – Chicago is packed with a variety of boutique hotels

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Chicago is packed with a variety of boutique hotels

Recently, the development of the boutique hotel has made a dramatic impact on hotel culture. Originating in major cities like New York, London and San Francisco in the 1980’s boutique hotels are also known as “design” or “lifestyle” hotels. The boutique hotel is generally a type of hotel that is usually quite small and is established with the aim of becoming a destination in its own right, rather than serving tourists in a particular locality. Most travel agents and websites will describe the boutique hotel as a hotel of fewer than 50 rooms which seeks to make your stay an experience unique to that particular hotel. Chicago boutique hotelsIn Chicago, for example, boutique hotels are distinguished from one another by having an individual character or theme and a lot of them have added luxury amenities such as spa’s, laundry services as well as exclusive restaurants and lounges. Chicago is packed with a variety of boutique hotels from which to choose, with some of the most popular being, Hotel Felix (a completely eco-friendly boutique hotel in downtown Chicago), Ame Boutique Hotel, The Ivy Hotel, Amalfi Chicago Hotel, Sax Chicago and Public Chicago (housed in what once was the famed Ambassador East Hotel) to name just a few. Another worth taking note of is, Chicago O’Hare Garden Hotel which was one of the first boutique hotels in Chicago to offer a 24 hour free shuttle service to O’Hare International Airport and local attractions.

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