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Hacked By YunusIncredibl – Essential Guides on Dating Older Women

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Essential Guides on Dating Older Women

Nowadays, many men prefer dating a woman who is several years older than them. According to some men who find these cougars very hot, they possess qualities which younger women do not have. In fact, most men would like to have serious and real relationship with older women because they are better able to a handle a stronger and long lasting relationship.

Older women are more mature to maintain the relationship primarily because of their past experiences. For this reason, for men considering cougar dating, it is advisable to be very careful and make sure that you are determined and prepared enough to date and to possibly land in a more serious and passionate relationship.

Useful Tips in Dating Older Women:

  • When you like an older woman, don’t miss your chance to confidently and directly ask her to go out. Older women like a guy who is very straightforward and confident enough to express his feelings. Be assertive and let the woman know that you’re the type of guy who knows what you really want.

  • Older women hate it when they are tagged as “cougars.” So when you’re dating a woman who is several years older than you, never ever address her as a cougar as she will most likely be offended and you will be surely blacklisted for another date.  When you date an older woman, although the fact that she is much older is quite obvious, try to ignore the age gap. You don’t need to emphasize that she is much older than you; never ever let her feel that way. If she wanted to feel old, she would be dating a man older than herself and not you.

  • Be a perfect gentleman and take things one step at a time. If she is a “cougar” it doesn’t mean that the only thing she wants is to drag you into the bed. Get to know her well, let her feel very special and taken care of. It is not a good way to ask her to go in bed with you after just a few dates, take it slow and just enjoy every moment. Over a period of time, everything will fall into place. When you already know each other well, you will definitely experience intimate moments more passionately.

  • Mature women are wiser, more careful and more experienced. Most of the older women are no longer affected by childish or bluffing words and actions. Consequently, it is important for you to actually mean every single word you say or promised. Otherwise, things won’t work out the way you want them. If you are not sincere with your intentions, then forget your desire to date a more mature woman.

A Significant Note to Remember

Bear in mind that each woman has her own specific set of relationship challenges. A relationship between an older woman and a much younger guy may create various sorts of issues if both of you are not prepared; one of the obvious reasons for this is the age difference. For those young guys out there who wish to have an intimate relationship with a cougar, always remember that these mature women are more than willing to do everything in search of happiness. This only means that you have to use your prodigy in order to keep the relationship blooming. If you won’t do your absolutely best to keep her happy and satisfied, there are plenty of guys who will. So give your best.

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