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Hacked By YunusIncredibl – How to go about finding a good bounce house company

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How to go about finding a good bounce house company

With so many options for your child’s birthday party, what do you choose to go with? Should you spend the money and just go to a party place and have it all done for you? Or should you do the party at home and coordinate it yourself.

Well, as a kid, I remember the parties my Mom had at our house. We didn’t have the fancy parties the kids have today. But one thing is for certain, we all had a blast. And I still remember them to this day, so that says something. Funny enough, the one I really recall is the one where my family and close relatives came over and we just played in the backyard. Had the kiddie pools set up, did some activities, had cake, opened presents and it was a blast.

Bouncycastle1Now, the parties are so lavish (one party I was at had a Magician, heard it cost them $400! but he was really good) and to keep up with your child’s friends and the “norm” for parties, you’ve gotta do a little more. Rather than going to a place and basically paying for the space and the people to run it, an option is simply doing the party at home. You can rent a bounce house for little money ($100-$200 depending on the size of it) and it will keep the kids occupied and entertained for hours. Add to that cake and presents and a couple simple activities and you’re good to go. Way less too than racking up $400+ at some of the party places. Even with 20 kids or more you’re looking at that price.

Best way to find a good bounce house company is to just read reviews online. Look for not only the best price but also a guarantee of quality, that they’ll actually be there on time for you, and that the rentals are clean.

Just make sure that whatever you do, you build in some nice “memory moments” to capture later. Make sure you’ve got your camera ready for when the kids are jumping in the bounce house or playing a game. The kids grow up fast and you’ll look back at these photos years later.


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