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Hacked By YunusIncredibl – Lifestyle trends of 2013 – what is hip and happening for the year ahead

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Lifestyle trends of 2013 – what is hip and happening for the year ahead

When it comes to predicitng the future, we always head over to our friendly trend prediction agencies that specialise in future forecasting for brands and businesses. For 2013, we have asked some of these agencies for their top tips of the lifestyle trends that may impact consumers within the year, and these trends cross technology, design, and lifestyle.

Consumer empowerment

One of the major trends we will see within 2013 is related to consumer empowerment. We are seeing a prevalence of crowd-funding for start-ups, with sites like kickstarter.com allowing creatives the resources to get their project off the ground. This allows consumers the opportunity to influence the product as it’s being designed.
Trend watching agencies expect the approach to revolutionise entrepreneurship within 2013.

Space squatting and collaboration

Another trend for 2013 is the sharing of space, be it virtual office or the like. “Collaborations between brands and creative areas will become fundamental, instead of tokenistic. In practice, given our limited resources and requirement to be flexible, that means multi-use spaces will become the norm. By day, it’s a pie and mash shop, but by night it’s transformed into a fine dining restaurant.”

Virtual offices and shared offices are all the rage, with low overheads and shared resources, costs to operate are being reduced.

The emergence of electric cars

With recent discoveries of quick Li-ion battery recharges, the future of electric cars are on the up and up. “They perform better, pollute less, and are just as convenient as petrol cars. ”

Tesla has a 2-year waiting list, and for those in the know the company’s cars are way cooler than most traditional sports cars.  Their charger network across the US will mirror how petrol stations rolled out a hundred years ago.

Multi-channel commerce

Use your phone to ‘self-checkout’, and wave goodbye to queuing up at the till.

This major big retail trend will also allow you to sync purchases across your phone, computer, TV and in store, with the same returns and delivery options on every device.

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